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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sheet music reader app?

Mute any combination of staves. Listen to any combination of parts. Play whole PDF scores and export as MusicXML. The ideal app for music teachers because using PlayScore 2, music students can hear assignments at home as they should sound, whatever the instrument. PlayScore 2 the sheet music reader app helps you learn to sight-read music

What is scanscore music scanning?

ScanScore Music Scanning App and Software ScanScore is a system that allows you to use your smartphone, tablet or a conventional scanner to scan your sheet music and have it played back to you. And you can just as easily transpose your score, or export your notes to almost any music program and edit them further.

How do I access music scores?

You can access scores directly from ISMLP (International Music Score Library Project), or by exporting and sending them to Playscore 2 (Playscore 2 professional costs £29.99 for a year). I was bowled over by the ability to change a score’s instrumentation for a completely different playback, which I did with a string quartet.

What is the most accurate music scanning software?

Photoscore and NotateMe is probably the most accurate and comprehensive music scanning software there is. You can buy your copy here. NEW! Brand new detailed video review of Photoscore and NotateMe Ultimate Make Your Sheet Music Digital!

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