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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SVM support multiclass classification?

In its most simple type, SVM doesn’t support multiclass classification natively. It supports binary classification and separating data points into two classes. For multiclass classification, the same principle is utilized after breaking down the multiclassification problem into multiple binary classification problems.

How does sklearn approach multiclass classification?

Depending on the model you choose, Sklearn approaches multiclass classification problems in 3 different ways. In other words, Sklearn estimators are grouped into 3 categories by their strategy to deal with multi-class data. The first and the biggest group of estimators are the ones that support multi-class classification natively:

What is multiclass classification?

In a multiclass classification, we train a classifier using our training data, and use this classifier for classifying new examples. Aim of this article – We will use different multiclass classification methods such as, KNN, Decision trees, SVM, etc. We will compare their accuracy on test data. We will perform all this with sci-kit learn (Python).

Why are sklearn SVMs used in classification tasks?

Sklearn SVMs are commonly employed in classification tasks because they are particularly efficient in high-dimensional fields. Because they use a training points subset in the decision function, SVMs are popular and memory efficient.

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