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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mt transmission?

The mount that holds the transmission is called the transmission mount, others are referred to as engine mounts. One part of an engine mount is bolted to the car body or frame. Another part holds the engine. An engine is a source of vibration, as it has many moving and rotating parts.

What is Mt inspection?

Used for finding surface/near surface defects in ferromagnetic material, Magnetic Particle testing (MT) is a versatile inspection method used for field and shop applications. Magnetic particle testing works by magnetizing a ferromagnetic specimen using a magnet or special magnetizing equipment.

What is Mt tire?

Mud terrain tires often called MT tires or “mudders”, are designed to provide extreme traction in mud, gravel, rock and all off road conditions.

Which mountain is higher Mt Everest or Mt McKinley?

Denali, formerly known as Mount Mckinley and also called “The Great One,” is the highest peak throughout North America. The rise in elevation from the base to the peak is greater than Mount Everest.

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