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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in the season finale of Henry Danger?

On the season finale of "Henry Danger", after discovering contestants on Swellview's Got Talent are losing consciousness, Captain Man and Kid Danger enlist the help of Charlotte and Schwoz in order to find out what is causing the mischief.

Who is the actor in Henry Danger?

Jace Norman is best known for his starring role in Nickelodeon's hit TV series "Henry Danger" for the past 4 seasons. The show has been nominated for 'Favorite TV Show' at the Kids Choice Awards two years in a row and won the award this year.

Is there a movie based on the Nickelodeon show'Henry Danger'?

A theatrical film based on the Nickelodeon Show 'Henry Danger.' A theatrical film based on the Nickelodeon Show 'Henry Danger.' Is the 3rd Film from Nickelodeon Movies to be based off a Live Action Nickelodeon Show, after Good Burger (1997) and Are You Afraid of the Dark?.

Who plays Jasper Dunlop in Henry Danger?

Actor/Singer/Writer Sean Ryan Fox can be seen playing the lead role of Jasper Dunlop in Nickelodeon's longest running hit series Henry Danger (2014).

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