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What does VQ stand for?

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. (November 2016) Vector quantization (VQ) is a classical quantization technique from signal processing that allows the modeling of probability density functions by the distribution of prototype vectors.

What is a VQ scan?

This Type of Radiology Imaging Checks for Clots A VQ scan is short for Lung or Pulmonary Ventilation (V) and Perfusion (Q) Scans. It’s an imaging test that measures air and blood flow in your lungs. Your doctor may request this test, and below you’ll find more on what to expect.

What's new in VQ Conference Manager?

As well as providing out-of-the-box tooling that unleashes the full power of Cisco Meeting Server unified communications, VQ Conference Manager is evolving into a platform that becomes the beating heart of your UC system. Enhanced analytics now brings together data from across your UC estate.

What does VQF stand for?

Twin vector quantization (VQF) is part of the MPEG-4 standard dealing with time domain weighted interleaved vector quantization. This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items. (August 2008)

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