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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a chain alignment tool?

One benefit this tool has over strings or measuring tape is that you can quickly look at it at any moment when adjusting the alignment, rather than having to stop to take measurements all over again. To use the tool, simply clamp it on the rear sprocket and look at how the rod aligns with the chain.

What is the best laser alignment tool for a motorcycle?

Laser Monkey - Motorcycle Laser Alignment Tool | Tru-Tension USA Laser Monkey provides precise wheel alignment for both chain and belt driven motorcycles, of any make and model, regardless of sprocket or pulley material.

What tools do you use to maintain your chain?

Motion Pro Chain Slack Setter or a Ruler - With all routine maintenance tasks, doing the work yourself (in lieu of a mechanic) saves you enough money that it's worthwhile, both time-wise and economically, to get any tool that makes your more likely to not put off or delegate the job. This is one of those tools.

How do you measure a chain link?

Simply hold the top of the tool against the bottom of the swingarm, put the yoke around the chain, and move the arm up and down. Remove the tool and read the value. If you're using a ruler, remember that you have to measure at the same point of the chain link (either top, center or bottom. Choose one and stick with it).

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