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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact a moderator?

how can i contact a moderator? Click to expand... You can contact a staff member by going here and then on the right-hand side it will say "staff online now" - you can press on a staff member online and press "start a conversation".

What makes a good forum moderator?

“An effective moderator is one who ensures that each panel member gets equal time to provide his or her views on a particular topic of discussion,” says Dippak Khurana, co-founder and CEO of Vserv.

What does moderator mean?

A moderator is a variable that affects the strength of the relation between the predictor and criterion variable. Moderators specify when a relation will hold. It can be qualitative (e.g., sex, race, class…) or quantitative (e.g., drug dosage or level of reward). Moderating variable are typically an interaction term in statistical models.

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