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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best pitching prospect in baseball?

Purely on quality of stuff, Mize is arguably the top pitching prospect in all of baseball.

What makes a great MLB prospect?

The broad strokes scouting report here — über-athletic, switch-hitting, no-doubt shortstop with explosive rotational athleticism — is the foundation of a great prospect, arguably one with both a high floor and ceiling.

How are prospects ranked?

You’ll note that prospects are ranked by number but also lie within tiers demarcated by their Future Value grades. The FV grade is more important than the ordinal ranking. For example, the gap between Julio Rodríguez (No. 4) and Triston Casas (No. 16) is 12 spots, and there’s a substantial difference in talent between them.

Who is the best DH-only prospect in baseball?

108. Ryan Mountcastle, LF, BAL Mountcastle is the best DH-only prospect in baseball. Beware the swing-happy hitter with no position. Mountcastle’s long-awaited slide down the defensive spectrum accelerated last year.

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