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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Frisbee games for kids?

These 15 Frisbee games and activities are great ideas for you to play with the kids. 1. Frisbee flip This PE Games activity has kids pairing off and picking “top” or “bottom” of the Frisbee. Flip the disc in the air as you would a coin. As soon as it lands, the player whose side is facing up must run to a predetermined spot.

What are Frisbees used for?

Frisbees are customized by promotional products companies who use various printing methods to personalize the discs. The most common method of frisbee customization is screen printing. What Are Frisbees Used For? Frisbees are used for disc golf, playing with dogs, ultimate frisbee, dodgebee, and more.

How much does a frisbee weigh?

If you're hoping to break into the ranks of the disc golf world—you should have a few frisbee's of varying weight in your arsenal, including both light and heavyweight discs. The official frisbee weight, according to USA Ultimate, is 175 grams. Durability - No one wants a product that falls apart or stops functioning early on.

What is the best Frisbee disc?

If you’re looking for an all-round frisbee then the Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc is your best choice. This frisbee is great for serious competition and is the USA Ultimate Championship Series Official Disc. But you don’t need to be a frisbee enthusiast to play with your friends at the beach or your local park.

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