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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mimosa hostilis inner root bark?

Our Mimosa Hostilis inner root bark is sourced from a sustainable farm in Brazil, free from pesticides and chemicals. The roots are carefully collected without killing the tree, then the bark is removed and the inner bark separated, we believe this to be the most effective part of the plant for skin healing.

What is powdered Mimosa hostilis?

Powdered Mimosa Hostilis Inner Root Bark (purple). The tough material has been ground to a fine powder exposing all the useful tannins and pigments, making the dye easy to use. Finely powdered mimosa hostilis inner root bark (MHRB).

Where does mimosa bark come from?

Mimosa Bark Store has researched all the available sources of the Mimosa Hostilis plant and looked at how it’s processed, so we can offer the finest products to our customers. We buy our MHRB from Mexico, which is world-renowned as the best supplier and environmentally friendly processor of this miraculous material.

What is Mimosa tenuiflora?

Mimosa Tenuiflora also know as Jurema, Tepezcohuite and Mimosa Hostilis is a perennial tree native to South America, Central America and Mexico. It’s stem, root bark and leaves have long been used by locals to produce soaps creams and lotions. It is used traditionally to treat burns, scars and for general use as a skin tonic.

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