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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you buy Mimosa hostilis root bark powder online?

If you buy mimosa hostilis root bark powder online from us, you will not only get the best quality product but you will also get an excellent price. This is due to the large volume of mimosa hostilis root bark powder we sell so we consistently harvest at high capacity and can offer competitive prices without affecting the quality of the product.

Which part of Mimosa hostilis contains the most alkaloids?

The part that contains the most Alkaloids is the mimosa hostilis root bark usa, that is also the part of the mimosa hostilis plant sold at In the wester hemisphere, mimosa hostilis root bark usa is used to make skin products and organic dyes for art supplies.

Where does mimosa bark come from?

Mimosa Bark Store has researched all the available sources of the Mimosa Hostilis plant and looked at how it’s processed, so we can offer the finest products to our customers. We buy our MHRB from Mexico, which is world-renowned as the best supplier and environmentally friendly processor of this miraculous material.

What is Mimosa tenuiflora?

Mimosa tenuiflora, also known as Mimosa hostilis and Acacia hostilis is a plant of the Leguminosae family and is popularly known as “calumbi” and “jurema preta” in Brazil M . tenuiflora is a common shrub/tree that is distributed in areas of tropical deciduous forests in the Americas from the southeastern regions...

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