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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create reports in Microsoft Excel?

Create a report in Excel From the query results view. The option to Create Report in Microsoft Excel only appears if all prerequisites are met. Select the check boxes of the reports that you want to generate. Wait until Excel finishes generating the reports. This step might take several minutes, depending on the number of reports and quantity ...

How to work out gross profit in Microsoft Excel?

x = ( price - cost) / price x = (5 - 4) / 5 x = 1 / 5 x = 0.20. and profit is calculated by subtracting Cost from Price. After we convert this to an Excel formula with cell references, we have this formula in E5: = ( C5 - D5) / C5 = (5 - 4) / 5 = 1 / 5 = 0.20.

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