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Frequently Asked Questions

What is authentic Saltillo Mexican tile?

Authentic Mexican saltillo tile is clay tile that is made by hand. An occasional paw print is considered good luck! Every piece is crafted with care by artisans in Mexico. Not a machine touches authentic Mexican saltillo tile until it's loaded onto a truck by a forklift and departs for our warehouse in Texas. Each tile represents a learned trade.

What are Mexican tiles called?

The brightly colored Talavera Mexican tiles and terracotta pavers also called Saltillo floor tiles, often found in stark contrast to white stucco facades; captures one’s imagination. stocks 1000s of hand painted Talavera Mexican tiles, trims, moldings and saltillo floor tiles for immediate delivery.

What is a Mexican tile?

Get that Mission Look with Mexican Tile. Mexican tile, also known as Spanish tile, is a broad term used to describe a number of tile materials on the market, ranging from saltillo to hand made ceramic tiles sporting traditional Spanish and Mexican designs.

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