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Frequently Asked Questions

How to communicate effectively on board a vessel?

Try to make eye or physical contact during the communication process. This will improve awareness and effectiveness of the message. Effective communication on board a vessel also relies on crew members being good listeners.

What is the best way to communicate on a ship?

Therefore, in the general day-to-day running of the vessel, communication needs to be clear and concise, involving participation from both parties. This takes time and quite often a concerted effort.

How did ships communicate with each other?

From the early years of the last century, ships started fitting radio for communicating distress signals among themselves and with the shore. Radio telegraphy using Morse code was used in the early part of the twentieth century for marine communication.

How was marine communication carried out?

Marine communication between ships or with the shore was carried with the help of on board systems through shore stations and even satellites.

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