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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meta?

What is Meta? Meta builds technologies that help people connect, find communities, and grow businesses. When Facebook launched in 2004, it changed the way people connect. Apps like Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp further empowered billions around the world.

What are meta's products and services?

Meta's products and services include Facebook, Messenger, Facebook Watch, and Meta Portal. It has also acquired Oculus, Giphy, Mapillary, Kustomer, Presize [20] and has a 9.99% stake in Jio Platforms. [21] In 2021, the company generated 97.5% of its revenue from the sale of advertising.

What does'meta news' mean?

: concerning or providing information about members of its own category … Slate, a Web zine published by Microsoft that devotes much of its content to what [editor Michael] Kinsley calls "meta news"—news about the news. — Rick Marin et al.

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