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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get messenger on PC?

Messenger for Desktop is a desktop app that lets you use Messenger on your Windows or Mac computer. To get the Messenger for Desktop app: Go to download the app on The desktop app will automatically download based on the desktop device you are using. Note: Messenger for Windows requires Windows 10.

How do I get iMessage on my PC?

How do I get iMessage on Windows 10?Open the iMessage application on Windows PC.Visit Settings and tap on the iMessage button. Now create your Apple ID.Tap on the ‘Compose’ button, form a message and Send. At the same time, you can attach documents using the Attach button and send it.

How do I install WhatsApp on Windows 10?

Now open bluestack application.Sign in using your email idI'dNow install WhatsApp from playstore in your laptopInstalling Whatsapp on PC. ...Open Whatsapp and enter your phone number.U will get one time password and then u are all set to use WhatsApp from your laptop.

Are messenger calls free?

So, if you are using a WiFi connection, your call is practically free. However, if you are using a 3G data connection, the data charges will apply. In my testing, the audio sent and received from Facebook messenger does not take up much bandwidth.

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