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Frequently Asked Questions

What browsers does Mendeley web importer support?

Mendeley Web Importer is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Convenience is king. Add references quickly and easily to your personal library from anywhere on the internet in just a few clicks. We've rebuilt the Mendeley Web Importer to provide you with the most reliable tool for importing references with the most accurate metadata.

How do I import a Mendeley article?

You just need to be viewing an article or a list of references in the browser and click on the Mendeley Web Importer extension icon in the toolbar. You'll need a Mendeley account to save, read and cite the articles you import.

How do I install Mendeley web importer on safari?

Visit the Apple App Store while using Safari and click ' Install '. If you see 'Open' then Mendeley Web Importer is installed, but it may be hidden in your toolbar.

How do I install Mendeley web importer on opera?

Opera is generally compatible with Chrome Web Extensions and Mendeley Web Importer should work with Opera. Visit Chrome Web Store in your Opera browser and after a few moments, click ' Install extension ' from the alert which appears at the top of the Opera browser window. Please be advised that Mendeley offers no official support for Opera.

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