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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Mendeley Reference Manager on the same computer?

Mendeley Desktop users can try Mendeley Reference Manager’s desktop app worry-free – both applications can be installed on your computer at the same time. Ready to explore the new Mendeley? Here’s how: Open the new reference manager, and sign in using your existing Mendeley credentials That’s it!

What happened to Mendeley desktop?

While we work hard to bring all the features you use and care about to Mendeley Reference Manager, Mendeley Desktop is still available for use. Mendeley Web Library was replaced with Mendeley Reference Manager on September 07, 2020.

Can I use my existing Mendeley desktop in parallel?

Yes, you can use your existing Mendeley Desktop in parallel with Mendeley Reference Manager. When you manually sync in Mendeley Desktop, any changes you have made will automatically update in Mendeley Reference Manager.

How do I search for articles on Mendeley?

Searching for articles online is only linked out to on Mendeley Reference Manager Desktop, you can access it directly via whilst on web. Mendeley Reference Manager desktop has the ability to make your library available for use offline.

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