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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the 11% Menards rebate?

Menards Rebate Form You can find the 11% rebate form in-store and also online. You can also check to see if other rebates stack with the 11% rebate. You will then need to fill out the rebate form, include your rebate receipts, and mail it with a stamp to PO Box 155, Elk Mound, WI 54739-0155.

Does Menards ever have sale items?

Plus, they do have sale items – lower prices aren’t just from the rebates. If you sent in your rebates and didn’t receive the full amount, why wouldn’t you check with Menards – especially if you kept copies. I think most people use and like the rebate program – otherwise it wouldn’t have lasted this long!

How do I get a sunscreen rebate at Menards?

Rebate #2066 is a $2.00 rebate for sunscreen. After you finish buying your rebate items, head to the customer service counter at Menards, where you’ll see a large display of rebate forms. They’re usually sorted in numerical order. Take one form for each rebate you plan to submit.

Do you have to cut off UPCs from Menards rebates?

You don’t have to cut any UPCs off product packaging or send photocopies of your receipt. When you buy a rebate item at Menards, a second rebate receipt automatically prints at the bottom of your main receipt. There’s a number at the top of each product’s rebate receipt. This corresponds to the number of the rebate.

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