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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Menards hiring?

Menards has 330+ store locations, Corporate office, Manufacturing Facilities, and Distribution Centers that provide a variety of endless career advancement opportunities within Menards. Apply today! We are now hiring with immediate openings and excited to help you begin your Menards career!

What is the Menards website for employees?

The focus of the online portal offered by TM Menards is to allow team members with better accessibility. Employees can access it from their official website. Once the employees visit their official site, they shall be redirected to the login page of the TM Menards which is

How does Menards' Rebate program work?

Menard's Rebates Center page has a link to browse all current rebates in a pop-up window. This allows site visitors to select rebates and add them to their lists. From a Help Topics link, customers can go to a video that explains how to use the rebate process to save money.

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