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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you welcome new members?

Alongside the welcome message, other informal ways to welcome a new employee or colleague are gifts and starter kits, coffee chats, training, team meet-and-greets, going for a team brunch/lunch, providing communication channels from the first day, and offering patient guidance throughout the first days.

How can you get new members involved in your church?

You can put out a general "call to action" to your entire congregation. Encourage them to welcome new community members or friends to join your church, or at least pay a visit. People will be more likely to trust friends and community members who are giving them church recommendations.

What should you avoid when writing a welcome letter to new church members?

1. Avoid pressuring your new members to come back to the church. Instead, provide them with the time and schedule of worship services and events. 2. Don't include unnecessary information in the church membership welcome letter. Other information on your website such as the church's history shouldn't be included in the new church member letter.

What are some tips for writing a new member welcome letter?

The welcome message should be encouraging and honest. Let the new employee know you are ready to offer support and guidance and eager to see their fresh perspective. Don't make them feel small by praising the company or focusing on your or your department's achievements.

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