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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my medium subscription?

Tap the side menu icon ☰. Tap Subscriptions. Choose the Medium subscription. Tap Cancel. Note: Uninstalling the app or deleting your Medium account will not automatically cancel your membership subscription purchased through the Google Play Store. You must cancel your subscription via the Google Play Store to end the subscription.

What is a daily digest?

The daily digest is just a collection of stories Medium sends you in an email. They’re different for everybody, and are totally based on what you like to read. For instance, here’s what mine looks like..

How often do you get medium Daily Digest emails?

You’ve likely seen an email in your inbox with the subject line “ Medium Daily Digest .” I normally get them every day. Don’t believe me? Here: Seeing these probably bring up a lot of interesting questions..

How do I unsubscribe from Polymail?

You can do that via your Google or Microsoft account, after which Polymail has access to all your contacts, mail, and even your calendar, or make your own login via another email address. It then offers up an interface to your email on Polymail itself, complete with bulk unsubscribe tools.

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