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Frequently Asked Questions

What is medium Daily Digest?

Medium daily digest could also be a weekly digest based on the options you have selected. If you have selected to get digest from Medium on daily basis then you will receive a curated list of articles published in the topic you follow and the Medium writers you followed.

How often do you get medium Daily Digest emails?

You’ve likely seen an email in your inbox with the subject line “ Medium Daily Digest .” I normally get them every day. Don’t believe me? Here: Seeing these probably bring up a lot of interesting questions..

What is the illumination daily digest?

Dear Readers, We are delighted to share some eclectic and engaging stories submitted to ILLUMINATION today. This daily digest includes a small number of our selected stories from contributing writers. This digest represents a small drop from the vast ILLUMINATION ocean. Each story and contributing writer in this list is unique.

How much does it cost to use medium?

Funding is derived from users’ subscriptions for a monthly or yearly fee of $5 or $50, respectively. In review, Medium has a variety of writers from many different political perspectives. Therefore, the only way to check for bias is by sampling a variety of recently published articles. We chose the politics category as our gauge for bias.

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