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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a daily digest?

The daily digest is just a collection of stories Medium sends you in an email. They’re different for everybody, and are totally based on what you like to read. For instance, here’s what mine looks like..

How often do you get medium Daily Digest emails?

You’ve likely seen an email in your inbox with the subject line “ Medium Daily Digest .” I normally get them every day. Don’t believe me? Here: Seeing these probably bring up a lot of interesting questions..

Does the medium Digest really work?

I also notice that a majority of the posts that are listed in the Medium Digest, end up having claps in the thousands. It is obvious that suggesting people read these posts really does work. Both the Digest and the Recommended reading headers are a great way to discover new people to follow, and to get new readers to follow you.

How do I get recommended in a digest email?

One, if someone follows you, you could get recommended in their digest email. Two, if someone follows a topic you’ve been distributed in. You could get recommended that way. Since you also get stories in topics you follow, all you need to do is get distributed in a topic to get into more daily digest emails.

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