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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Medco?

WHO WE ARE Management Team MEDCO is one of the most progressive and respected PBE Supply, and Mechanical Tools & Equipment distributors in the U.S. today, serving both traditional Wholesalers and Mobile Tool Dealers. Headquartered in Philadelphia since 1970, MEDCO operates fully-stocked warehouses in selected cities across the U.S.,...

How do I contact Medco?

Contact a regional MEDCO Sales and Customer Care Center: East Coast: 800-541-5827 Midwest: 800-348-5191

What happened to Medco?

In 2014, Medco was acquired by United Stationers, a fortune 500 supplier of workplace essentials. In February 2015 United Stationers announced its intention to reposition the company to become Essendant.

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