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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Maine Board of licensure in medicine?

If you have any questions please contact the Board at (207) 287-3601. The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine ("board") asks that those who need verification of an MD or PA license use ALMS Online Services to obtain that information whenever possible. The board attests to the accuracy and timeliness of the data it provides.

What is the Board of Pharmacy?

The Board of Pharmacy was established to protect the public through the regulation of pharmacies and pharmacists in Maine.

How do I renew my pharmacist license?

During the time that a pharmacist is on inactive status, no continuing is required for renewal. If a pharmacist wants to re-activate their license, a request must be submitted, in writing to the Board along with 15 hours of continuing action obtained during the previous calendar year. Cycle - This license currently renews annually on December 31.

How much does it cost to verify a physician in Maine?

Maine-licensed Physician and Physician Assistant requests for verifications to be mailed to other state medical boards are available from at a cost of $37 each.

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