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Frequently Asked Questions

What are analysts' forecasts for MDT stock?

What are analysts’ forecasts for MDT stock? predicts future values using technical analysis of a large number of analytical parameters. MDT stock returns are also predicted based on historical data. According to our research, MDT stock is a acceptable long-term investment.

How much will MDT's revenue be in 2024?

On average, 10 Wall Street analysts forecast MDT's revenue for 2024 to be $43,889,698,718,628, with the lowest MDT revenue forecast at $41,065,089,934,860, and the highest MDT revenue forecast at $45,025,972,387,970.

What is the forecast Roa for MDT?

(NYSE: MDT) forecast ROA is 9.05%, which is lower than the forecast US Medical Devices industry average of 13.3%. What is MDT's Price Target?

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