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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a USMC badge?

Example of USMC Badges, from top to bottom: Scuba Diver Insignia, Navy and Marine Corps Parachutist Insignia, Marine Corps Annual Rifle Squad Combat Practice Competition Badge (Gold), Marine Corps Rifle Expert Badge (with multiple award clasp), and Marine Corps Pistol Expert Badge (with multiple award clasp).

What is the difference between Army and Marine Corps marksmanship badges?

The U.S. Army awards their marksmanship qualification badges for a variety of weapons while the U.S. Marine Corps only awards theirs for the service rifle and service pistol. For civilians, the CMP awards the Army Marksmanship Qualification Badges for rifle, small bore rifle, pistol, and small bore pistol as well as its own air rifle badges.

What is a Navy Sharpshooter's badge?

For a decade, from 1910 to 1920, the U.S. Navy awarded a marksmanship badge, called the Navy Sharpshooter's Badge, to sailors who qualified with the service rifle and/or service pistol. Today, sailors are awarded marksmanship ribbons and medals to denote service weapon qualification.

What is a marine's rifle badge?

As with the U.S. Army, the Marine Corps awarded these rifle badges at three qualification levels (highest to lowest): expert, sharpshooter, and marksman. Just like the U.S. Army, year clasps were added to the Expert Rifle Marksmanship Badge and Sharpshooter Rifle Marksmanship Badge to indicate the year (s) a Marine requalified at that level.

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