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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make your own Frisbee disc?

Now you can create a custom ultimate frisbee with your own colors, pictures, graphics, and text. As usual this disc is fully customizable for you to personalize it with anything you want, using our incredibly easy disc customizer – the best design-your-own-disc app on the web!

How do you make a frisbee from paper?

Making a Frisbee from Paper Claws Fold eight sheets of paper into paper claws. Insert the point of one claw into the opening of another. Wrap the frisbee with tape. Throw your frisbee.

How do you put food on a frisbee?

Tape the tops of the plates. Cover the side of the plate that you would place food on with clear packing or shipping tape. Cover the entire surface of the plate and trim the excess tape from around the edges of the plate. You can use decorative duct tape to tape the plates and decorate your frisbee at the same time.

How do you make a frisbee out of batting?

Cut the circles out of the batting one at a time. The batting will make the Frisbee more stable. [2] Place the two fabric circles together, with the right sides facing in. When you turn the Frisbee right-side-out at the end, the right side of the fabric will be showing. Pin the cotton batting circles to both side of fabric disk.

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