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Frequently Asked Questions

Do accepted plumbing products need to be tested in Massachusetts?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Accepted Plumbing Products. Why does a product need to be accepted by both Massachusetts and a National Testing Laboratory? The Massachusetts plumbing code requires that only products and materials approved by the Board shall be used for plumbing and gas fitting work in Massachusetts.

How many accepted plumbing products are there?

Accepted Plumbing Products System of the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters contains over 100,000 plumbing and gas products. In order to search the system online, please proceed with your choice of search below.

What products can I use in the approved plumbing products online system?

You can use any Manufacturers products that have been approved by the Board in Massachusetts. What are the definitions of the specific fields in the approved Plumbing Products Online System? Manufacturer - The name of the Company that produces products

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