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Frequently Asked Questions

What state does the abbreviation me stand for?

“ME” is the abbreviation for Maine. Maine is the 41st-most-populous state in the United States, and it is home to 1.3 million people as of 2013. Maine is one of nine states and territories beginning with the letter “M” and one of four with the first two letters “Ma.”

What state does Ma stand for?

Unlike many other states, the Massachusetts state abbreviation is an easy one to remember – being derived from the first and second letters of the state’s name, “MA”. You will need to use this in a multitude of situations when referencing Massachusetts. Remembering the Massachusetts state abbreviation might seem easy enough, however, there is some confusion surrounding the MA state abbreviation.

What state has initials of Ma?

US State: Abbreviation: Massachusetts: MA: Michigan: MI: Minnesota: MN: Mississippi: MS

What is state abbreviation for Massachusetts?

Massachusetts: State: US-MA: MA: 25: MA: MS: Mass. ... The purpose, rather than to standardize state abbreviations per se, was to make room in a line of no more than 23 characters for the city, the state, and the ZIP code. Since 1963, only one state abbreviation has changed.

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