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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Navy Hymn?

The Navy Hymn The song known to United States Navy men and women as the "Navy Hymn," is a musical benediction that long has had a special appeal to seafaring men, particularly in the American Navy and the royal navies of the British Commonwealth and which, in more recent years, has become a part of French naval tradition.

What is the anthem for the Navy?

U.S. Navy Anthem Lyrics. Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh. Farewell to college joys, we sail at break of. day-ay-ay-ay. Through our last night on shore, drink to the foam, Until we meet once more: Here's wishing you a happy voyage home. Stand, Navy, out to sea, Fight our battle cry; We'll never change our course, So vicious foe.

What are some good hymns for the sea?

O Christ! Whose voice the waters heard For those in peril on the sea! Most Holy Spirit! Who didst brood For those in peril on the sea! O Trinity of love and power! Glad hymns of praise from land and sea.

Where is the hymn Eternal Father Strong to save?

The hymn, entitled Eternal Father, Strong to Save, is found in most Protestant hymnals. It can be more easily located in these hymnals by consulting the "Index to First Lines" under Eternal Father, Strong to Save. The words have been changed several times since the original hymn by Reverend Whiting was first published in 1860−61.

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