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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Amazon River have a basin?

The Amazon River basin is the area that drains water into the Amazon, including all its tributaries. The Amazon River basin stretches from the Brazilian Highlands in the south, to the Guiana...

What is the absolute location of the Amazon River?

The latitude of Amazon River, Brazil is -2.163106, and the longitude is -55.126648. Amazon River, Brazil is located at Brazil country in the Rivers place category with the gps coordinates of 2° 9' 47.1816'' S and 55° 7' 35.9328'' W. Amazon River, Brazil Geographic Information

Where is the Amazon River located?

The Amazon River is one of the most magnificent water bodies in the ... Even though the river is known to have many sources, it is worth noting that they are all located in Peru. One would think that such a popular water body had a bridge that connected ...

Where does the Amazon River begin?

Where does the Amazon River begin? According to a research trip directed by National Geographic it was determined that the Amazon River has its humble beginnings atop the Peruvian Andes. One might think that this massive river would have a thunderous beginning but it is just a tiny trickle of water high in the mountains. The river winds its way ...

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