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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks of waxing for men?

While men’s waxing might not be the most pain-free way to go about removing hair from your body, men’s waxing is definitely the most gratifying. Male waxing has been portrayed as the most painful thing to go through besides passing a kidney stone.

What are some of the most popular areas for men to wax?

Baby-smooth skin is now everyone’s dream and rightly so! We found this to be the most popular area to be waxed. Hairy backs are an issue that many men have and, while it’s not a problem, getting it waxed can sometimes make them feel more comfortable especially if it’s patchy.

What are the benefits of waxing for men?

Waxing improves blood circulation to the topmost layer of the skin, meaning your nerves are rejuvenated as well. The increased skin sensitivity is therefore a welcome idea for husbands and lovebirds. 2. Removes dead skin cells: Unlike shaving that only removes hair, waxing takes care of both the hairs and dead skin.

Is waxing for men becoming more popular?

One of the reasons why waxing is becoming more popular with men is the fact that it leaves your skin smooth and clean, hence giving you a more youthful yet sophisticated look. If shaving has been your thing for the longest time, it then may be the time you switched to waxing.

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