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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Loblaw?

Loblaws at Yonge and Bernard, Richmond Hill, Ontario Loblaws was founded by Theodore Loblaw and John Milton Cork in 1919. In 1947, Garfield Weston struck a deal to acquire a block of 100,000 shares of Loblaw Groceterias Co. Limited, one of the country's leading supermarket chains By 1953, George Weston Limited had established majority control.

Where is Loblaws located in Canada?

Loblaws at Yonge and Bernard, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Founded by Theodore Loblaw and John Milton Cork in 1919, Loblaws stores used to operate across Canada until the early 1960s, when most locations in western Canada were rebranded as SuperValu, and later as Real Canadian Superstore.

Does Loblaws have a rewards program?

Loblaws offers a grocery pickup service called PC Express where customers can order groceries online and select a time slot to pick up their orders. The rewards program used at Loblaws is PC Optimum which allows customers to accumulate points from purchases of certain items to be used in increments of ten dollars on purchases.

Is Loblaws the same as Loblaws Great Food?

The chain's location on the site of the former Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, opened in late 2011, is promoted as simply Loblaws and uses the familiar "L" logo, but is officially named " Loblaws Great Food", indicating that similar terms are in place at that store.

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