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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Loblaw's online marketplace?

The online marketplace is an expansion of the existing PC Express platform, which allows customers to buy groceries online and pick them up in store or opt for home delivery. The expanded offering is available to people shopping at Loblaw's Real Canadian Super Store, Atlantic Super Store and Loblaws chains.

Will Loblaw’s online shop compete with Amazon?

By making products beyond groceries available, Loblaw is hoping consumers will consider its online shop over, for example, Amazon, which owns the Whole Foods grocery chain, next time they need to purchase a blanket or other item.

Who is bound by Loblaw's Marketplace agreement & policies?

All sellers are bound by the full Loblaw's Marketplace agreement & policies they accept when they join us, which are modified and updated from time to time and available within the seller portal.

Will Loblaw take a slice of Jeff Bezos' ecommerce pie?

However, despite its recent successes, Loblaw hasn't finished its blanket yet, and now has its sights set on taking a slice of the online marketplace pie from Jeff Bezos' ecommerce behemoth as well. Launched in November 2019, Loblaw's marketplace will be curated to included products and brands which the company hasn't previously stocked.

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