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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate my car finance?

Part 1 of 3: Determining the Amount to Finance Settle on the price of the vehicle that you're buying with the dealership or seller. ... Calculate the amount of state sales tax and add it to the estimated purchase price. Also find out how much your state charges for tax and title fees. Deduct the trade-in value from the price of the car (if applicable). ... Add any fees that the dealer charges. ... More items...

How do you calculate tax on a car loan?

The annual percentage rate calculated on your car loan is found by taking the rate per period multiplied by the number of payments you will make in a given year. Annual percentage rate is one way to determine the actual expense of financing in a given year, but it is not always the most accurate.

How do you calculate simple interest on a car loan?

Lending institutes use a simple interest calculation to determine the monthly payments so the loan is paid off in the specified time. The monthly interest rate is calculated by dividing the APR by 12. This amount is added to the monthly principal to arrive at the monthly payment.

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