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Frequently Asked Questions

Are longboards better than skateboards?

Longboards are elongated versions of the skateboard meant more for cruising around than doing any sort of tricks. The design of longboards facilitates this purpose by making them easier to maneuver than skateboards; the wheels that typically come with longboards are softer than skateboard wheels, so that you don't feel bumps and rocks quite as much.

Are Bamboo Skateboards good?

Bamboo Skateboards Our boards are grown and harvested from sustainable, managed bamboo forests -- far from wild or protected panda communities. Bamboo boards help reduce deforestation. Bamboo skateboards are lighter and stronger than maple. Bamboo absorbs impact better than maple.

What is a bamboo roller?

Product Description. The Bamboo Roller is a fabulous little tool that was introduced to us by Merv Groff, one of the fellows who worked for Golden Witch when we were making rods commercially. This tool is featured in our DVD “Making Bamboo Blanks.” Usage is simple, and effective.

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