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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you live with paraplegia?

While living with paraplegia may require major adjustments, it can also be an extremely rewarding experience. With the right support and management, individuals with paraplegia may have independent and productive lives. In this article, we’ll discuss how to cope and establish a new normal after spinal cord injury.

Can a paraplegic be depressed?

Chronic Depression. Living with paraplegia can be extremely difficult. It is common for paraplegics to become extremely depressed following a paraplegia-causing injury or illness. It is important for paraplegics to find support—both from loved ones and from support groups.

Can physical therapy help paraplegics?

Physical therapy can prove to be an excellent tool for helping paraplegics improve their health and even help alleviate some paraplegia symptoms. Some paraplegia exercises that paraplegics can benefit from include:

How does paraplegia affect the legs?

Most people with paraplegia have perfectly healthy legs. Instead, the problem resides in either the brain or the spinal cord, which cannot send or receive signals to the lower body due to an injury or disease. Like other forms of paralysis, paraplegia substantially varies from one person to another.

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