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Frequently Asked Questions

How many decorations does the army give in the Service Award?

The Army awards 24 decorations in the Service Award class. A soldier can be awarded a service award by the united states goverment for time related actions and services. Prisoner of War Medal Prisoner of War Medal

Where can I Find my Army unit awards?

Help!! HERE is a link to the “U.S. Army Decorations, Awards, and Honors Unit Citation and Campaign Participation Credit Register“. It will help you search and confirm your personal Unit Awards. HERE is a link to all ““Department of Army General Orders (DAGO) from 1947 to 2012“.

Can an army unit be included in another Service's Unit Award?

A12: In order for an Army unit to be included in another service’s unit award recommendation/approval, the other service must first request “permission” (concurrence) from the Department of the Army (through the Awards and Decorations Branch (ADB)) to include the Army unit in their award.

How are unit awards reviewed?

Unit awards not approved in theater must be boarded by the Army Unit Awards Board. All approved unit awards must then be reviewed by the Center of Military History (CMH). The review ensures historical accuracy, verifies that there are no duplications, and updates the unit's lineage and honors.

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