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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Filipino karaoke songs?

If you want a rock song on your Filipino karaoke track list, “Narda” is a classic choice. Your audience is sure to enjoy this hit and rock out to it with enthusiasm. 8. “Forevermore” — Side A This is a very emotional track that’s perfect for a dramatic karaoke party.

What are the best heartbreak Filipino songs?

“Halik” is undeniably another classic heartbreak Filipino song that we’ve heard in our childhoods. Recorded by the band Aegis, this intense track describes a woman struggling with emotional pain after her partner leaves her. This rock ballad goes hard with the vocals and tune that you’ll be trying to reach the heavens the second you start singing.

Why should you sing tracks by Filipino artists?

If Filipino is your native language and the one you are most comfortable singing in, the answer may be obvious. However, there are other reasons to sing tracks by Filipino artists that you should consider: You are a native English speaker but like singing in a language other than English.

How many karaoke songs are there in Singa?

If you are a karaoke fan and want to bring karaoke everywhere you go, be sure to check-out Singa. There is over 100,000 karaoke tracks available with more releases everyday. More Tagalog songs coming soon! Try Singa for free Sing your favorite songs. Anytime. Anywhere.

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