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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 15 English devotional songs with lyrics?

15 English Devotional Songs With Lyrics - Christian Song Collection. August 11, 2019. 1、God Blesses Those Who Are Honest-00:00. 2、How to Search for God’s Footprints-04:32. 3、Listen Carefully to God’s Words-08:35. 4、God Likes Those With Resolve-14:02. 5、Suffering Fills the Days Without God-17:25. 6、The Transcendence and Greatness of the ...

What is songs of devotion?

The “Songs of Devotion” collection provides recordings of sacred music in a variety of musical styles for everyday listening. Different musical styles resonate with different individuals, and this collection will grow over time to include many contemporary and traditional styles.

What are the top devotional songs on Gaana?

Listen to top Devotional songs on Some of the popular songs from Devotional genre are Achutam Keshwam, Shiv Tandav Stotram, Ganesh Beej Mantra. The Devotional genre consists of songs fabulously written and artistically composed by famous lyricists and composers.

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