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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this mean to have joint effusion?

Joint effusion is an excessive amount of fluid that accumulates within a joint. This only applies to synovial joints, which have fluid already positioned in the joint space to help lubricate and protect the bones in that space.

Is joint effusion a symptom of osteoarthritis?

With osteoarthritis, joint effusion primarily affects the knee and is most commonly associated with extensive joint damage. With autoimmune arthritis, joint effusion may be associated with either chronic inflammation or acute flare-ups (known as attacks or exacerbation).

Does a meniscal tear cause joint effusion?

Tearing of the meniscus (knee cartilage), fractures of the bones of the knee joint, or injuries to the cartilage lining the inside of the bones (articular cartilage) can also cause knee effusions. Bursitis, tendinitis, strains, and sprains are causes of swelling outside the knee joint.

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