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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WikiLeaks doing about misleading leaks?

In response to concerns about the possibility of misleading or fraudulent leaks, WikiLeaks has stated that misleading leaks "are already well-placed in the mainstream media. WikiLeaks is of no additional assistance."

How many reports did WikiLeaks release in 2009?

On 7 February 2009, WikiLeaks released 6,780 Congressional Research Service reports. In March 2009, WikiLeaks published a list of contributors to the Norm Coleman senatorial campaign.

Is every stolen email from WikiLeaks authentic?

Columnist Eric Zorn wrote in 2016 "So far, it's possible, even likely, that every stolen email WikiLeaks has posted has been authentic," but cautioned against assuming that future releases would be equally authentic. Writer Glenn Greenwald stated in 2016 that WikiLeaks has a "perfect, long-standing record of only publishing authentic documents."

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