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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your OnlyFans stolen content sitting on a Discord server?

Yes, Your OnlyFans Stolen Content is Likely Sitting on a Discord Server Right Now. I have spent quite a while avoiding the site and app ‘discord’ because frankly I have enough Social Media sites in my life and I felt that when the time came I’d jump on and figure it all out.

What happened to OnlyFans on Reddit?

It’s important to note that Reddit removed all subreddits with stolen OnlyFans content so this is something that has been an issue before for sites and with enough uproar from the community the company took action. I continued and found a number of servers all dedicated to this topic.

Is there a server on OnlyFans?

Absolutely there are some creators with ‘servers’ on the platform but it is so utterly ‘geek’ driven that the vast majority of those on the platform are the male demographic who primarily consume and subscribe to OnlyFans pages.

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