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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request a refund from a league?

Either the league member (customer) or the league commissioner can request the refund. If it is prior to a league's payment deadline, any member can request a refund by opening a ticket with our help desk. If it is after a league's payment deadline, the commissioner must approve of the refund.

Why did leaguesafe decide to refund League participants?

Leaguesafe took it upon themselves to make a choice to refund league participants because they stated that they had complaints dealing with the commissioner from other leagues he was in charge of.

What is leaguesafe’s policy on late payments?

If the late payment feature is turned on, LeagueSafe will charge a penalty fee for late payments. Commissioners also have the option to assign an additional fee, which is added to the League’s balance. These late fees will be clearly disclosed to the Commissioner during setup and to Members prior to any fee being charged for any transaction.

How safe is the money stored with leaguesafe?

The money was safe stored with leaguesafe, and instead of allowing a vote to occur to confirm payments at the end of the season, leaguesafe overstepped and refunded all members their entry fee back instead allowing the money to be distributed properly. I won the league and was owed $300 but only received a refund of the $60 entry fee.

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