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Frequently Asked Questions

Is leaguesafe free to play?

Everything you need to know about the totally free-to-play LeagueSafe Locks game. Now available in the app store. If you have questions about making a payment to your league or office pool, this is the spot to check first. All LeagueSafe payouts now flow through the Fanball Wallet.

What is a leaguesafe trainer?

LeagueSafe Trainers are a vital part of junior rugby league. They help ensure a safe, healthy and fun rugby league environment for our players. They are recognisable on the field in their bright yellow shirts. The role and responsibilities of the LeagueSafe Trainer during a game are restricted to: Providing water to players.

What is the NRL leaguesafe course?

The NRL LeagueSafe course is the safety awareness course for LeagueSafe Trainers. The course looks at strategies to keep everyone safe before, during, and after a game. Candidates must be at least 14 years old to complete the Leaguesafe course.

How do I choose the best leaguesafe plan?

Choose a plan that works best for how your league will use LeagueSafe. LeagueSafe Pools & Playoffs offers convenient payment methods and secure access to your pools and shorter playoff seasons. LeagueSafe Express is perfect for leagues of up to 24 players where the commissioner doesn't need to do much more than collect and pay out.

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