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Frequently Asked Questions

What is League of Legends patch 12.18?

League of Legends Patch 12.18, however, will be a small one, mainly balancing out patch 12.17’s changes. “Most champions are only receiving small nudges, especially if we suspect recent changes have overshot,” Riot Phroxzon on the Worlds patch.

When is the League of Legends World Championship patch?

Say hello to the Worlds patch. The League of Legends World Championship is just around the corner, starting on Sept. 29. Since Patch 12.18 will be the 2022 Worlds patch, Riot Games is once again targeting strong pro-play picks with nerfs while buffing champions that fell behind in the current meta.

How safe is it to play Riot Games’ patch notes?

Looking through these patch notes, it’s clear to see just how safe Riot is willing to play – with patches 12.16 and 12.17 not having been played professionally yet. A lot of these changes are base stats, health, and armour growth, with the only real major changes being those to Maokai and Udyr.

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