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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I celebrate Latino Conservation week?

Since its start, there have been hundreds of programs and special events nationwide to celebrate Latinx heritage. National Park Service parks, programs, and partners are hosting in-park and virtual events. The Hispanic Access Foundation can help you find a Latino Conservation Week event nationwide.

What can the National Park Service do for the Latinx community?

Join the National Park Service in strengthening opportunities for the Latinx community to show their support and commitment for permanently protecting our natural, cultural, and recreational resources and inspire the next generation of stewards.

What is the Latinx celebration?

This annual celebration seeks to engage the Latinx community (and everyone) in National Park Service recreational activities and stewardship that benefit their local communities and parks, and it emphasizes the community’s role in conservation.

What is the Latino heritage internship program?

The Latino Heritage Internship Program (LHIP) is a partnership between the National Park Service and Environment for the Americas, designed to provide young adults with hands-on experience in a variety of career fields related to conservation.

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