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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best laser alignment tool for a motorcycle?

Laser Monkey - Motorcycle Laser Alignment Tool | Tru-Tension USA Laser Monkey provides precise wheel alignment for both chain and belt driven motorcycles, of any make and model, regardless of sprocket or pulley material.

How to check chain/belt/wheel alignment with laser precision?

Check chain/belt/wheel alignment with laser precision in seconds! No more relying on inaccurate chain adjustment marks or messing about with string! Simply hold the Profi Laser C.A.T. against the rear sprocket and aim the laser along the drive chain.

What are the benefits of chain alignment tools?

The chain alignment tools enable every mechanic to work quickly and precisely. With the precisely adjusted chain alignment, the rear wheel axle is also perfectly positioned. This directional stability of the wheels is one of the most important requirements for single-track vehicles.

Where do you use alignment marks?

I used alignment marks on the sides rear axle. Ran about 6 miles. I got back I saw bits of gold all over that side on swing arm even rim. Got one of these and used it and man was alignment way off. Adjusted until you could take ,015 feeler ga. from back to front of rod laying on rollers just snug against links.

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